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2010. March 22. Monday
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Enterprises acquiring second-hand software, e.g. operating systems or more expensive enterprise system licenses can achieve as much as 20-30 percent in savings. Software on unused or scrapped computers, or acquired under volume agreements a while ago can be worth hundreds of thousands of Euros.

Eszter Telek, IPR-Insights? lead consultant is seeing an emerging interest in such licenses. Although, understandably, uncommunicated by vendors, second-hand procurement of licenses () is a possibility provided by both international and Hungarian intellectual property law. ?So long as enterprises proceed with due diligence, observing relevant legislation and using a professional software remarketer providing legal guarantees, second-hand purchasing involves no more risk than regular sales channels,? says the intellectual property law expert.

The article can be read on the Bitport business information portal or here (the article is in Hungarian).

Nagy Sándor

Nagy Sándor

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