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2012. April 20. Friday
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In parallel with Windows 8 release, Microsoft is extending the use rights granted by the Software Assurance (SA). The already wider rights – especially in virtualization and remote access – are further extended for the users with SA by these new possibilities.

Similarly to Windows 7, Windows 8 will have Enterprise edition too, that is only available for corporate customers having SA. The following benefits become available together with the Windows 8 Enterprise release:

  • Windows To Go (WTG) Use Rights
    With the help of the WTG function the system can be run from a flash drive, therefore installation on a particular computer is not even needed. This also means that corporate PCs are not neccessary either, as this can be used on the employees own computers, and accessing the corporate network from home will become far easier and more secure.
  • Windows RT Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) Rights
    If the user has a tablet PC running Windows RT as a secondary machine next to the preliminary computer with Windows 8 + SA, then the tablet PC automatically receives the VDA rights. This means, that from that device one virtual machine (running Windows 8 Enterprise) at a time can be accessed, this way extending the usage areas of the tablet.
  • Companion Device License
    If the user wishes to access his own corporate machine from different devices, then a supplement purchased to the SA offers this possibility from 4 own devices.
Nagy Sándor

Nagy Sándor

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